Tuesday, 18 September 2012


We each have a dominate learning style, do you know yours? What about your child? As a parent and teacher of my kids, knowing how they learn best can be of great value. The three basic learning styles are audio, visual and hands on
Here is a little trick to discover your child's dominate learning style.
Ask her to describe something from memory. Maybe how her bedroom looks or what she wore yesterday. Then observe her eyes. If she looks straight at you or side to side while describing her memory, then she is an audio learner. If she looks up at the ceiling, she is a visual learner. If she looks at her hands or talk with her hands, then she learns best by being hands on.
When your child has a difficult concept to learn or is struggling with a subject, try reviewing the material in the manner that suits her dominate learning style.

Keep in mind that even though we have a dominate leaning style, we learn best when we combine all three styles together.

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