Monday, 6 June 2011


When Nick and I decided to get married, we each wrote a list of places we would consider living. There were no matches between our lists. Since we've been married, through jobs and road trips, we've lived and visited many, many areas in the States. After seven years, we still hadn't found the perfect place. Our home.

Now that we have two children and a thriving business, it's important for us to put down roots. After yet another "community shopping" road trip (this time around the Midwest), we decided to do a home search in the Twin Cities area. We found a beautiful home in Menomonie, WI and were so close to sealing the deal. When it fell through, we scheduled another trip to MN/WI and soon decided to drive straight over to eastern Wisconsin.

As we drove our rental car into Sheboygan, we felt like we were home. For the first time. A wonderful feeling we've waited so long to find.

Sheboygan is beautiful and friendly with great restaurants and travel time to nearby cities. Our house shopping trip quickly turned into meetings with the bank, chamber of commerce, city planning, lawyer, post office, other local business owners and quick new friends. Next week we will move our family to beautiful Sheboygan and become a part of this amazing city.

8th Street business district

8th Street business district

Bus station/depot

Community pride
8th Street business district

Parks, trails and sandy beaches along Lake Michigan.

Fog rolling into town from Lake Michigan.